Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FAITH NO MORE 'King for a day' CD

Price: RM30


1."Get Out" PattonPatton2:17
2."Ricochet" PattonGould, Bordin, Patton4:28
3."Evidence" PattonGould, Bordin, Spruance4:53
4."The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" PattonGould, Bordin, Patton3:28
5."Star A.D." Patton, GouldGould, Bordin, Patton3:22
6."Cuckoo for Caca" PattonGould, Patton, Spruance3:41
7."Caralho Voador" (Portuguese for "Flying Dick")Gould, Patton, BordinGould, Patton, Bordin4:01
8."Ugly in the Morning" PattonPatton, Spruance, Gould3:06
9."Digging the Grave" PattonGould, Bordin, Patton3:04
10."Take This Bottle" Patton, GouldGould4:59
11."King for a Day" PattonGould, Bottum, Bordin, Patton, Spruance6:35
12."What a Day" PattonPatton, Spruance2:37
13."The Last to Know" PattonGould, Patton, Bordin4:27
14."Just a Man" Gould, Spruance, PattonGould, Bottum5:35

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